Just For Fun

Working For Big Bear. Working For You.

Living in Big Bear gives us an endless variety in ways to participate in the fun stuff, whether playing tourist on the weekend or helping make history. Just some photos of where we have been, or click here for my full Big Bear Resume.

  • Big Bear Rose Parade AssociationBig Bear’s inaugural and only entry into the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena on January 1, 2019. One volunteer meeting and we were roped in to help get this afloat (ha). Social media, marketing, fundraising, managing events, decorating and more. AND we earned spots on the float as trail hikers! Click the Play button below to check out the float cam video we made for your own ride.
  • Weekend Tourists & AdventurersWe enjoy everything that our local businesses have to offer, even if we don’t have family or friends visiting.

Big Bear on KTLA!
So many volunteers to decorate the entire float.. this was just one small piece and thousands of seeds.
Pre-Parade Day – Only a few of the hundreds of volunteers it took to make this happen.
Hikers & Bird Watchers! It was a very early, cold and crowded morning.
We were even Recycle Collectors for a day as one fundraiser
All it took was a sheet of plywood, paint and a lot of pocket money fundraisers later
Happy to be invited for Float Shuttle’s kick-off in Big Bear last year
Action Tours Zipline – One line at a time
Barrel 33’s Paint & Sips are a blast
We never miss Halloween in The Village
Safe social distancing at The Barnstorm with our mom-made masks
Our escape rooms rock, as long as we get out
Testing out the Soaring Eagle.. can’t wait for the Mineshaft Coaster!
Apple’s B&B has the best afternoon tea time!
Halloween in The Village with my lovely make-up victims
Scare Valley Farms – Our very first photoshoot
Novice pre-show airbrushing make-up for zombies, witches, ghouls, oh my!
In the very deep back woods
Yep, that’s me. Did I scare you?